I walk for my family (1)

As a part of our work with Autism Speaks Arizona, we are walking in the Arizona Autism Speaks Walk this coming October. There are many reasons why people walk; friends, co-workers, family members. 1 in 68 kids are diagnosed with autism which just goes to show how many people are affected by autism.

With that in mind, here at MC Life, we’ve asked some of our employees to share why they’re walking. We got to talk to Rebecca Maust, who told us the sweetest story about her oldest son, Cale. Read below to learn why she walks:

“My eldest son, Cale, just turned 4 years old. He is a charming, sweet, brilliant child. My pregnancy and his birth were extremely complicated, and he is – by all standards – a true miracle. Despite being a preemie, Cale has always exceeded every milestone, and he continues to impress his physicians with his above average intelligence and growth.

However, around the time Cale turned 3, we started to notice some minor behaviors and tendencies that caused us to question if he might need further evaluation. After seeing information on the website for Autism Speaks in our office, I decided to take the online assessment, which recommended follow up as he tested at risk for autism. This online evaluation confirmed our concerns, and we continued with more extensive testing.

After a series of formal evaluations, Cale did not test on the autism spectrum, but they were able to identify 2 developmental delays which he is now receiving special services for. Cale’s teachers and therapists work side by side to help him overcome his delays, and it is our hope that by kindergarten he will be able to seamlessly transition into a traditional classroom with no further need for special education services.

I am so thankful for Autism Speaks, and other organizations and events that create awareness and provide early intervention. I am proud to work for a company that supports this cause!”

And we are proud to have you on our team, Rebecca. We can’t wait to walk for you and your son, Cale, this coming October.

Want to get involved with Autism Speaks? Learn more by visiting their website! There’s still time to register to walk or even donate!


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