Whether you like the Olympics, or couldn’t care less, it’s very clear that all of the competitors are in great shape. They’re pretty much the closest things we’ll get to superheroes. So why not try to be just like them? Here are a few workouts you can do that are inspired by the Olympics…

Ski jumps aka jump squats

This workout strengthens your glute muscles, but make sure you pay attention to your knees and ankles! As if you were doing ski jumps, jump from one side to the other, creating a 180 degree angle. Be sure to keep your knees and ankles from collapsing in.

Downhill slalom aka lateral jumps

Embrace your inner Mikaela Shiffrin and take your jump squats to the next level. Jump side to side, engaging your thighs, hamstrings and core muscles. 

Figure skating aka pistol squats

This is THE move in so many skating programs. And you need to have strength and control in your entire body. Use a chair if you need to, but make sure you focus on driving weight through your heel as you go down.

Bobsled aka sled push

Take a sled or a board and load it up with a small amount of stuff to create some resistance. Then push the sled away from you as you sprint for five to ten seconds.

Curling aka split squats:

Curling is somehow the coolest sport to watch. For those of you who don’t know, it’s basically shuffleboard but on ice. But it requires a lot of strength. So start with your left leg forward and right leg back as you do the first set of squats, then switch to other side.

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