What exactly is a monsoon? Is it what Justin Long stands in while yelling “You should know I’m standing in the middle of a monsoon right now!” during the movie Comet or is it a weird combination between dust and rain? Probably just a thunderstorm, right?

Living on the East coast, I’m used to thunderstorms lasting for days — weeks even, and yet, here these thunderstorms last about five minutes. That coupled with the dust that blows up during the storm makes for some interesting things. So I’ve gathered some tips to make the best of your short monsoon situation.

Realize the Difference between A Dry and Wet Monsoon:

According to some research there’s TWO different monsoon seasons!! Why?? Isn’t one enough?? There’s apparently a dry and a wet monsoon season, which makes sense, but still, I ask, why?? Stupid weather. Anyway, the dry monsoon is when all the wind is blowing from the northeast. Then the wet monsoon is when the wind blows from the southwest and brings the rain. Interesting stuff, right?

Switch the TV to the Weather Channel Once in Awhile:

Monsoons usually happen out of nowhere, but weather people can sometimes predict when these monsoons are happening. So during the commercial break of your favorite show, switch to the weather channel just to make sure nothing Dark and Stormy is coming your way. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Have a Disaster Kit

When I think about having a disaster kit, I always think it’s for in case of a zombie attack. (Which would never happen because a scientist told me so) But having a disaster kit is for, you know, disasters. And if the monsoon were to hit and be extremely, well, disastrous, then it’s good to have a kit full of water, non perishables and flashlights with extra batteries.

There’s a lot more you can do to prepare yourself for monsoons. If you visit this website, you can learn about monsoons and how to make sure you make it through the storm. Good luck!

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