Congratulations! You’ve found an apartment you really love and you decided it’s your new home. Step one, complete. Now, comes some of the tough stuff — cleaning the apartment, moving in, finding things to fill the spaces in your apartment, etc. etc. But don’t fret, as a fellow first time mover in to an apartment, I’ve decided to give a little advice. So read on for a small How to 101 course, split into sections for easy viewing.


Before you do anything, and I mean anything, it’s important to clean out your new apartment before setting up any of your things. It may seem annoying in the moment, but you’ll be happy you did it before having to move your things around to clean around them.


Hopefully when you were packing up your old apartment or parents house, you labelled your boxes all nice and neat so that you know what’s in every box. From there, it’s just a simple task of going room to room and unpacking your things into your new apartment.


Sometimes when you move into a new place, you’ve got to get some new pieces of furniture. Which means then having to build this furniture. And while we’re not so much building it so much as assembling it, it’s still a lot of work.


The most fun part of moving into your new home! This is your change to put your mark on your new place — or try something new.

There you go! Some tips from one new renter to another. Let me know if you have any other tips you’d like me to know about!

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