Yes, you know all too well how hot it gets during the peak heat months in Arizona. Unless you are a super early riser or have a pool, it can be hard to find ways to make sure you pups get the exercise they need. Here are some alternate options for you and your dogs to outsmart the summer heat!

Other Tips

Because there aren’t any indoor dog parts in Phoenix and there are only so many days you can really head to the pool, here are some other tips you can use to make sure your pup gets the exercise they need during these scorching summer months.

Before & After | This is key here in Phoenix. Walk before it gets hot (before about 9 am) and after (maybe 8-9 pm) so that your pup can get some exercise and stretch their legs without worrying about the heat.

Dog Booties | If you are walking for even short periods during the day you may want to get them some booties to protect their feet. The asphalt and even the concrete can get super hot during the day!

Kiddie Pools | You can cool your pet down and let them splash around in a cheap kiddie pool from the store. They’ll have fun, get out some energy, and beat the heat in a fun way. This is also a great way to cool your pet down before and after their walks!

Hit The Store | There are a lot of stores that accept pets who are well behaved on a leash. You can take a short drive to a pet friendly store and walk them around a bit in the air conditioning! It gives them some mental stimulation while also letting you keep up their leash work!

Take A Cruise | Head up to the mountains! With elevation the temperature drops so if you really want to get in some good exercise you can do a hike where the elevation helps cool down the temperatures!

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