Halloween Parties have become terrifyingly predictable over the last few decades. Here are 5 oldschool/classic Halloween party trends that need to rise from the dead.


1. DIY Lemon “Slime” Halloween Punch:

Remember Ghostbusters? Take your party back in time to this spooky movie – but make it delicious! This Ghostbuster-inspired green slime punch will surely be a hit at your Halloween party!


2. DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Twister:

Need a party game that isn’t totally lame? Why not raise this classic 90s game from the dead and put a spooky twist on it? Glow-in-the-dark Twister! Party guests will be lining up to take a spin and stretch their bodies out across the creepy dots – even better idea: put some scary faces on the dots!


3. Fortune Teller Games:

Something that’s terrifying to everyone? The future! And you can scare everyone at your party with those little fortune teller origamis pretty easily. Make sure you fill out each tab with specific endings to really spook your guests!



4. Halloween Straw Toppers:

Easy to make, cute to use! These straw toppers are more cute than spooky, but still – they’ll Halloween-ify any and every party!


5. Monster Eye Wreath: 

Another cute – but still spooky! decoration idea! This monster wreath will surely give off all the Halloween vibes you’re trying to give off. Your guests will know just how spooky your party will be…

There you have it! 5 Halloween party trends you can raise from the grave this Halloween! Send us pictures if you do any of the above.

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