What is the 30for30 campaign for autism awareness?

MCLife Phoenix designed the 30for30 campaign as an outreach tool designed to empower walkers to recruit and fundraise for Autism Speaks Walk Arizona.

How does it work?

The 30for30 is simple to start and follow. You can start it anytime you would like – you just have to commit 30 days to join in on the fun. The 30for30 is divided into 30 phases, each 10-day segment has a unique social media prompt centered on either:

Be active on social media:

When you post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, make sure you use:

Tag your friends, family and coworkers! 

Follow @MCLife Phoenix, @SARRC and @Autism Speaks Arizona on Facebook for the latest 30for30 updates

Day 1-10: Sign Up, Share & Find Friends!

Register for the Autism Speaks Walk in partnership with SARRC & share with your friends on social media

Day 11-20: Why do you walk? Share your story & grow your team

Days 11-20 are all about sharing your story, using your walker tools and growing your team with family, friends and coworkers. Remember to continue to share on social media using #AutismSpeaksWalkArizona and #PoweredbyLove

Day 21-30: Fundraise! Fundraise! Fundraise!

Days 21-30 are all about creative fundraising and collecting donations for your walk team.


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