Let’s talk about moving to a new city — specifically, to Arizona. If you’re wondering…Yes, the heat is just as bad as it sounds, but it’s basically always sunny. You’ll find out pretty quickly what a Haboob is, your friends and family will be quick to visit you during the winter months and you might turn your heating system on all of three days per year. In this post, we’ll list a few more things our team members learned upon moving to Arizona, ranging from general moving to a new city topics to more localized themed discoveries.

1. Arizona Has No Tolls:

Oner thing that is surprising to some is that Arizona highways don’t have tolls! Depending on which regions you are relocating from, many of you are probably used to having your EZPass, or SunPass or FasTrak on hand and using it all the time. 

2. Arizona Concerts are Much More Intimate:

If you’re relocating from a big city, you’re probably used to every concert being in a stadium or a large venue. But, there are many venues in Phoenix, that will surprise you with how small the audiences are. The rooms aren’t massive and it won’t be packed to the brim, instead making you feel like you are at a private show rather than part of a tour.

A lot of shows in Arizona are like this — yes there are some big names preforming at big stadiums, but for the most part, the venues are smaller and more intimate. This also makes the ticket prices way lower than what you might be used to usually paying. Here in Phoenix, you can see some of your favorite bands for about $20 instead of $60.

3. Goodwill is Your Decorating BFF:

Obviously you’ll need some things for your apartment: dishes, glasses, decorations and tables. Instead of going to Ikea and spending your entire paycheck, head into Goodwill! They have some really great options and sometimes you can even find whole sets for less than what you’d pay in retail.

4. So you’re wondering what a Haboob is:

A haboob is a “violent wind and sand storm that comes on quickly and decimates visibility and other things in its path.” In addition to the occasional haboob, Arizona can see several storms a season that are strong enough to knock out the electricity for hours at a time.

As apartment buildings and neighborhoods continue to be constructed, you will notice that washes are specifically built for the flash floods that happen every summer. You might be driving in perfectly normal sunshines and out of nowhere, roads flood in what seems like minutes. They dry up rather quickly, however, too. If you live here long enough, I don’t think you ever stop loving the rain, but you know that these storms are part of a typical summer . If you’re experiencing it for the first time, it can be very scary.

5. Looking for Fun Clubs? Head to Old Town Scottsdale

If you like the club scene, Old Town Scottsdale is for you. You turn a corner from the parking lot and there is club after club across from club. It’s very easy to hop from place to place and there’s plenty of options to choose from.

After you’re finished dancing the night away, make sure you grab a bite to eat from any of the local spots that stay open late into the night. The best part of going out is the food afterwards.

6. DMV Hacks:

When you move to a new state, you have 30 days to get a new license and car registration.

Here in Arizona, we have some hacks to get around waiting for hours in line at the DMV. There are local offices around Scottsdale/Phoenix that are DMV related, but not really the DMV. They do everything, legally, that a DMV does, but there’s little to no wait! The only downside is that it’s about $15 more than the DMV and they mail your license to you, but that might just be worth it!

7. Time Differences Make Everything Tough

If you can, a month to two weeks before you leave, start reorienting your sleeping schedule to match Arizona’s time zone. You should do this slowly by going to bed 15 minutes earlier each day. Keep adding an extra 15 minutes until you’ve fully adjusted. This way, your body will already have the energy it needs to start moving in when you arrive, and you won’t walk around in an exhausted stupor. Cutting back on alcohol and caffeine, and drinking plenty of water will also be helpful.

8. Arizona Does Not Participate in Daylight Savings:

We can’t stress this enough and it’s something we’re all still working on. A routine makes life a little simpler and you know what’s going to happen and when. It can be as simple as a morning routine or an overall day to day one. Just make sure you do what you want to do, when you want to do it. 

Arizona participated for one summer. Then we realized what an awful idea it was to have more sunlight in the evening. Longer sunlight means more air conditioning and more energy used. And more misery.

9. Take Weekends to Explore:

You’re not going to find all that Arizona has to offer by sitting in your apartment! So get outside and make a day of finding the best local spots like that cute coffeehouse or that hole in the wall burger place. Exploring your town will make it feel more like home rather than a vacation spot.

10. Make Your Apartment Your Own:

Maybe you’re living with a roommate, maybe not, but either way you want your home to feel like it’s yours rather than a temporary space. Put pictures of loved ones around or your favorite pieces of art to show that you do in fact live in the apartment. Let your creativity come through and make sure you like where you live; you’ll be coming home to it every day.

MC Companies believes in Sharing the Good Life with a commitment to providing uncompromising service to all our residents. We know that you have a choice when choosing your apartment home here in Arizona, and we’re here to provide the ultimate apartment living experience and keep you fully satisfied with your decision, now and long into the future.


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