With school starting soon, it means your kids are going to need school lunches. Maybe you make the lunches the night before or maybe you make them the morning of. Either way, we’ve come up with ten hacks to help make school lunches easier, cheaper and time saving.

1. DIY Lunch Box Ice Packs:

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Save some time and money! Head to your local dollar store and pick up a pack of cheap sponges. Then soak them with water before putting them into the freezer. The next day, place one in a Ziploc bag and then put in your child’s lunchbox! It’s reusable and saves money!

2. Put Apple Slices into Sprite to keep from getting brown:

No kid wants to eat brown apples! Sprite helps keep those apples fresh during the day!

3. Homemade GoGurt:

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Stop spending money on GoGurts and make a healthier version for those lunches! Buy reusable bags and fill with a blend of yogurt and fruit! 

4. Make It Visual:

Not only does this make the lunchbox more organized, it’s also more colorful! Kids love bright and fun colors, so using this hack will make your kids more likely to eat their lunches.

5. Use a Thermos for Hot Food:

Keep hot food warm for your kids by placing them in a Thermos! These things can be as simple as chicken nuggets or even soup!

6. Breakfast for Lunch:

Don’t throw away those pancakes! Pack em up for your kids — they’ll enjoy a second breakfast of pancakes or bacon!

7. Don’t buy individually packaged snacks:

Save some money! Buy your kids favorite snacks in bulk and then portion them out into snack bags!

8. Make your own lunchables.

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They’re much healthier than the pre-packaged ones, and cheaper, too. By using a divided tupperware container, ( or dividing it yourself with cupcake liners), divide the ingredients of each lunch — the crackers, the cheese and meats, and then the sauce, and then let your kid create their own lunch at school!

9. Make A Snack Station:

This gets your kids involved! Have them fill the snack station with their favorite snacks and then they can choose which snacks they want in their lunches!  You can set this up before you go grocery shopping so you have all the snacks ready and then the night before the kids can grab their favorite snacks out of the station so that they’re ready to go in school lunches!

10. Make All of the PB&J at Once:

Sleep in a little later with this simple hack. Make a bunch of PB&Js at one time, then store them in the freezer. Before the kids go off to school, toss one into the lunchbox — it’ll thaw before lunchtime!

Hopefully these lunchbox hacks will make your schooldays a little easier! Let us know which ones you’ve tried or if you have any other ideas!

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